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       Nafeesah Hope is an experienced creative art director/producer, celebrity makeup artist, and multi-media consultant. Hope has been coined a modern-day Renaissance woman due to the ability to assess, compliment, improve (self-cultivation), and effectively align each client's desired goal(s) through genius co-creation, imagination, reflection, and color.

HAPI DollHouse Production was founded by Hope to encourage an expansion of understanding and unity through the idea of "beauty" related concepts. We develop custom corporate and private "beauty" workshops for television production. However, we are also a respected tool for aspiring hair, makeup, and grooming artists that are entering the cosmetic industry, or the newcomer wanting to simply learn tips and tricks for themselves! We do this by organizing resources, and integrating a variety of informational hands-on activities, and igniting profound discussions related to the art of "beauty," to express inner creativity and harmony.

HAPI DollHouse Production encourages diversity and inclusion of all ages, ethnicities, melanin, creed, and gender across the earth/globe to be transformed by accelerated thought. Hope's artistic passion and connections within the multi-media industry has allowed her to establish a successful business and stay in full control of her brand by embracing and respecting the supreme power of positive self- imagery, positive words, and an equilibrium of brilliant creative ideas as consciousness and will.

Nothing is too big, small, or out of the ordinary for HAPI DollHouse Production to achieve what you aspire- Plan your next special occasion with us! Here is the golden link:   (860) 532-3916 mobile/text ask for Hope!

#hapidollhouse #hapination 

   "HAPI-ness is a state of mind." - Nafeesah Hope
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*paut neteru- Tree of Life

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