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We are not seeking new HAPI DollHouse artists at the moment, come back soon to view any updates!


                Join our Team

Our dedication to excellence has earned us a reputation for providing fabulous hair, makeup, and barber artistry for corporate, executive, and undeserved youth through hands on activities, and effective communication pertaining to the art of beauty.


We also have a stellar record of outstanding customer service due to years of experience working with brides, proms, pageantries, Sweet 16s, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, children's parties, Bachelorette parties, full-day services, music videos, editorials, body paint, fashion shows, television, mass media and model test shoots and more!

              If you would like to join our team of fabulous HAPI artists there are a few things you should know! Our business will do its best to provide you with consistent work. We have clients who hire artists, and we put our artists portfolios in front of those clients, we'll book work for our artists and take a simple commission on that work. This is how we make our money.

We do not ask for any monies for a meeting, testing or to start out in the field, nor do we require any personal monies from you to book a job. All that we ask is for you to come as you are so that we can discuss your future as part of a HAPI DollHouse creative!

Now if that sounds good to you, here are a few requirements:

                        HAPI Rules

                        (Sounds scary? Good. Continue reading!)

1. You must have your very own makeup artist, hairstyling, &/or barbering kit and all necessary products to perform requests (airbrush makeup and barber clippers will not be provided by HAPI DollHouse).

2. You must be willing to travel (valid driver license).

3. You must be willing to do a certain amount of TFP/TFCDs ("Trade for Pictures/Trade for Compact Discs") throughout the year to keep your portfolio updated (and to hone skills).

3. You must carry business cards at all times provided by HAPI DollHouse Production- because you are representing our team at all times.

4. You must be punctual, dependable and a trustworthy team player (simply work well with others in all types of settings) & respect client's confidentiality.  

5.You must be HAPI at all times, this just simply means to try everything in your power to stay in a positive mind-set, find endless joy in your craft. While using your special talent, your main priority is to allow your client to look their best, therefore, they will feel their best- you are contributing to something bigger than yourself! We'll discuss dress-code and special projects during our meeting.

If HAPI DollHouse Production interests you, please do contact us for a potential meeting/testing:

                               (860) 532-3916 mobile/text



                 HAPI-ness is a state of mind.

                       the dollHouse

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